Minimally Invasive Surgery

Today, a better surgical option is available at the Women’s Clinic of South Texas. Minimally Invasive Surgery(MIS) procedures are performed through very small incisions, known as “keyhole” surgery, using very small instruments and robotics. Patients go home after surgery the same or the next day with less pain and are up and around and back to normal activities more quickly than with conventional surgery. If your doctor has recommended surgery for your condition, you may be a candidate for MIS procedures.

At the Women’s Clinic of South Texas we emphasize the use of minimally invasive surgery. We have been advocates of smaller incisions and simpler surgeries that improve outcomes and allow our patients to return quicker to their normal activities.

Over the last few years we have converted most surgical procedures into simpler and less invasive operations. We have been able to convert bladder suspensions into outpatient procedures where the patients go home without any visible scars. We have also avoided many hysterectomies by performing endometrial ablations for bleeding problems, and therefore the patients have their bleeding addressed with an ambulatory surgery that only lasts 20 minutes and allows her to return to work faster. We have also been able to convert many of the conventionally open hysterectomies into laparoscopic cases that allow for the patient for a more expeditious recovery.

We have not just kept up with the latest advances; instead, we have led the way and at times we have served as the training site for other doctors from outside the Rio Grande Valley to visit and learn the skills to bring to their respective areas.

Patients who have undergone a minimally invasive procedure at the Women’s Clinic of South Texas often go home the same day or next day; need less pain medicine after surgery; have less blood loss during surgery; have a low infection rate; and are up and around and back to normal activities more quickly than with conventional surgery.

Today there are several MIS approaches that have replaced the more invasive standard techniques. Review the chart below

Standard Technique MIS Procedure/Technique
Hysterectomy Endometrial Ablation
Laparoscopic Subtotal Hysterectomy
Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
Robotics-DaVinci S Surgical System
Subtotal Hystecterectomy
Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Open Bladder Suspension (Burch) Monarc, Transobturator approaches
Laparoscopic sterilization Essure, no-scar sterilization