Sexually Transmitted Infections

At the Women’s Clinic of South Texas we have developed a program to address in a confidential, expeditious, and professional manner your sexual health concerns. We have the ability to accommodate for a same-day appointment with one of our physicians/providers with an immediate follow-up visit for results and potential treatment.

Most sexually transmitted infections are easily diagnosed and treated, and many times they are detected during the screening process, that is, while most patients do not have any complaints or symptoms. As a matter of fact, we used to call this category of diseases STDs or sexually transmitted “diseases”, but since diseases need to display symptoms we now have changed the terminology to STIs or sexually transmitted “infections”. The ultimate goal is to provide STI screening to all of our patient candidates and detect infections as early as possible.

Our goal is to be able to evaluate and screen our patients even if they do not have any complaints or symptoms. At the Women’s Clinic of South Texas we will be able to diagnose and treat most of these infections. For infections such as HIV and Hepatitis we will need to refer patients to the offices of HIV specialists and gastroenterologist (GI) specialists, respectively.